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Who founded Stratis?

Stratis was formed by two former colleagues, Zach Price and Patrick Hook almost by accident. They were just a couple of typical guys in the tech industry. For anyone familiar with the Pacific Northwest, the weather can be a bit dreary from time to time. Cold, wet days are all too common for 6 months or more out of the year. Whether you're stuck indoors in an office or trekking the trails, a common theme stuck out...cold feet in subpar socks. We realized we were literally standing on a huge problem that no one was really fixing. One casual conversation led to another and another. Next thing they knew they started Stratis.


When were you founded?

Officially we've been around since 2016 but it's taken us a while to work out a variety of production and supply issues. Who would've known making socks would be so tough!


Where were you founded?

We were formed on a nature trail in Bellevue, WA.


Where is your manufacturing done?

Our product manufacturing is done in Mongolia to be closer to the source. Our packaging is produced domestically in the USA.



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