Stratis was founded on a nature trail in Bellevue, WA by a couple of guys who knew literally nothing about how to make socks.  All we wanted were luxurious, ridiculously comfortable socks. We realized other people might also want insanely comfortable socks. Someone needed to make those socks, so we started Stratis there on the spot to make the most comfortable socks on the planet.


We are striving to do our part to do more than just “sell stuff”.  When you buy Stratis products not only are you getting insanely awesome socks, you’re helping create jobs locally and abroad, encouraging positive social impact and championing a love of our planet. It’s these very pillars that we’ve built our core values on. We build socks we love and wear everyday. Our hope is that our socks have a place in all your best weekend adventures and favorite memories no matter what they are - big or small, near or far. We love what we do and hope you will too.


Your friends at Stratis 

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