If patience is a virtue, you guys must be saints


Hey there. Long time, no talk. 

We know it’s been a while since the last time we gave an update on the development our crazy awesome yak socks, so we wanted share with you what we’ve been up to. In the effort to make the world’s most comfortable yet durable sock we have been testing version after version of different prototype socks. As part of the testing process, we've been experimenting with slightly different yak yarn blends, adjusting the fit of the sock and rigorously working on reinforcing areas that typically experience high wear. We are now testing prototype number 43 and will have another prototype model to test in the next couple of weeks.


You may ask, “Haven’t you been developing these socks for 3 years?”. Yes, and we are still at it. People think we are a bit bananas to spend this much time creating something apparently as simple as a sock. We would have given up long ago if not for the fact that these are the best socks we’ve ever worn and this gives us the drive to continue to work towards our goal of making the world’s best sock. This involves tweaking the fit and pushing towards ensuring our customers think so too.


As we get closer towards our Fall 2018 release we will publish more updates to keep you in the loop.


Happy Adventuring,